Dream Facials

Freshen up Facial

This express facial will leave your skin felling fresh and renewed. 

botanical cleanse and moisture cream will improve skin and minimize pores and wrinkles.

 (50min)     $75  

series of 5 $375

Renew Facial

An exfoliating enzyme on the face and neck renew the skin followed by a deep-cleansing

massage and moisturizing mask to refresh and re-balances.

(60min)       $95

Series of 5 $425

Deep cleansing

For a deeper clean, this purifying treatment includes an defoliating and gentle deep-cleansing 

mask to rejuvenate the skin. improve cell turnover and minimize pore.

(80min)      $115

Series of 5 $525

Phyto vital dream facial

People in their prime deserve a very special care for their skin for most smoothing and firming.

Lots of moisture, rich and high-quality lipid and regenerative active ingredients make up the ideal combination

(90min)      $130

Series of 5 $600

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